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Great school! Mr.V is one of the best! His professional & loving approach to students is both refreshing and uplifting.


The experience we have had with Champion ATA of Lewisville has been indescribable. Mr. Vondra, and the entire ATA family have had a tremendously positive impact on our 5 year old son. The core lessons he has learned outside of, as he says “becoming a ninja,” are priceless. He has made friends, found role models, and learned even more outside of what my husband and I have already taught and exemplified for him in regards to being a respectful, confident, and empathetic human being. I cannot thank Mr. Vondra and all those we call our Champion Family enough for the positivity and influence on our lives. Our almost 2 year old son has witnessed each lesson and moment as well, and I am proud to say he is already a Tiger In the Making. Thank you Mr. Vondra for the Champion Family you have fostered and nurtured. You are an inspiration to us all.


I didn't take the decision to try Champion ATA of Lewisville lightly. A friend had suggested it several times and we talked about aspects of it on several occasions. All I can say is, WOW!!! The response time to questions, concerns, or any contact is faster than any company I've been around. The instructor is phenomenal with my son, my wife, and myself. We all like him for different reasons. He's engaged, positive, fun, entertaining, welcoming, and now family. We were ready to sign on the first day. I love the families there, as each welcomed us. They happily answered our questions and gave us advice. We are already talking about how to be more engaged ourselves. We enjoyed being able to see and be a part of all. I love the fact that this place is family first, do your best, and so fun you don't remember your exercising. Can't say enough positive about what they do here. I look forward to years of family fun.


Best Martial Arts School in Lewisville! Instructor Jay Vondra teaches exciting classes and has a professional staff. Family atmosphere with additional Legacy and fitness programs. Stop by and enjoy!


Mr. Vondra is very patient with adults and kids alike. He has the ability to recognize our current capabilities and pushes us to get better from there. Extremely comfortable and uplifting environment.


The Dupree kids LOVE ATA Lewisville and have become more self confident, disciplined, and overal better behaved kids! Mr. Vondra and the whole staff are so friendly and always positive and encouraging!!


Martial arts has broadened the view of my kids. They have a better understanding of what discipline and respect is and are encouraged in their work by seeing results. Learning in a team oriented environment has greatly improved the way they work with each other and their peers at school. The encouragement they get from their instructors motivate them to do better every day.


I joined martial arts on a sort of whim and decided right away to stay because it was so much fun and it was a great workout! I thought I would learn how to defend myself, but I ended up learning that and so much more! I have always prided myself for being very strong and able to withstand anything life might throw at me. Martial Arts taught me how to not only be strong, but confident too! I am much more confident in my abilities and my decisions. As my journey continued, I couldn't wait for my daughter to be old enough to join...however, at her first class my daughter cried and wouldn't even get on the mat. She has always been very shy and definitely doesn't like to be the center of attention. Just when my husband and I were about ready to pull the plug, our daughter started participating in class with a smile. Today she confidently bows and yells "yes sir" as she steps on the mat, she yells "hi ya" when she's supposed to, and she participates in all activities. She's made a lot of friends and can't wait to come to class! Even outside of the dojo she will confidently say, "thank you sir" to a cashier at Target, and now when she goes to the playground she runs up to any little girl and asks to be her friend!


After cancer surgery my son nagged me into trying Tai Chi. I really enjoyed the way the instruction was always positive as well as physically and emotionally beneficial. My doctor noted my improvement. Then I had hip surgery and was released from rehab and returned to Tai Chi. At my next doctor visit the comment was 'Tai Chi is really working for you." I had regained all my balance, strength, and flexibility without pain. So...yes...everyone would benefit and I highly recommend experiencing what you will gain. And it's fun with great people!


Vondra is amazing at what he does and truly cares about his students. I look forward to the process of receiving a black belt, and hope he's there to guide me along the way. Although the place may appear smaller than other dojos, I feel it makes it more intimate for the students where we can get to know one another better being within a smaller space. My husband and I have enjoyed our time here and look forward to more classes, competitions, learning and growing within the art of Tae Kwon Do, and meeting new faces.

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