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Why Martial Arts Businesses are Essential!

Posted: October 22, 2020

We received the following message from our Kicksite Team (our software company) about the effects of COVID-19 on martial arts buisnesses and mental health.  It's true that martial arts businesses and gyms have been hard hit by this pandemic.  The CDC has also reported a dramatic rise in adverse mental health symptoms.  Research has shown that physical activity can reduce adverse mental health effects.  Martial arts businesses and gyms offer a community of people that work together to achieve goals; that community becomes essential in the midst of social isolation.  Therefore, Kicksite has started a petition to categorize martial arts businesses and gyms as essential.  The future is so uncertain and we never know when another shut down might occur.  Kicksite has a goal of gathering 100,000 signatures.  This will give martial arts businesses and gyms the support they need to approach their local governments should another shut down occur.  (*I also want to note here that most of the martial arts businesses and gyms I have researched offer virtual classes; the health and safety of our clients is our top priority, however another shut down could hinder our positive outreach by forcing us to close). 

Read the following message fromour Kicksite team, and sign the petition by followin the link if you would like to support this cause:  

Make Martial Arts Businesses Essential -- Jackson Layton

How Martial Arts can Help Build Confidence--Daniel's Story

Posted: October 07, 2020

We put our son in martial arts at three and a half years old. Daniel was a late walker (18 months) and even then, his gait gave our pediatrician concern for some time. Because of this, our doctor recommended that we start him in an activity that would help him develop flexibility, coordination, and balance; we saw the Tiny Tigers sign on the Champion ATA window at exactly the right time.

The first night we tried a class, I sat with Daniel on the mat while he watched fascinated. We signed him up for a month, took his uniform home (he thought it was pajamas), and were excited to start. Little did we know we were in store for a month of tears and flat refusal to participate. A large part of the issue was confidence, and Daniel's flat refusal to try new things - we knew this going in, and it was a big reason why I wanted him to participate in martial arts. Compared to friends his same age, he was so timid, and I hoped that the skills in the Tiny Tigers program would help him build confidence in himself. 

3 Ways Students Grow from Leadership Roles in Martial Arts

Posted: August 21, 2019

3 Ways Students Grow from Leadership Roles in Martial Arts According to a dictionary definition, a leader is a person who leads or commands a group or an organization. Did you know as early as children and teenagers acquire qualities of a leader? The past few years there is an emphasis on how effective this leadership role is on a student in a school environment. However, this valuable opportunity can extend farther than just the classroom. Students in leadership roles benefit just as equally in the dojo! Students involved in martial arts already have a major advantage in acquiring skills for life due to their martial arts training. But by being put into a leadership position they can bring their skill set to the next level.

Students can take on leadership roles that go far beyond helping their owner track attendance or manage prospects. We are sharing 3 ways in which martial arts students can grow by being put into leadership roles.

How Martial Arts Training Can Help Stop Bullying

Posted: August 14, 2019

How Martial Arts Training Can Help Stop Bullying


October is National Bullying Prevention Month, time dedicated to teachers, students, and martial arts schools to work together to end bullying.